New York Fashion Week Menswear Pick – Tim Coppens

By Melvin Browne

Balgian Designer hit the New York Fashion Week scene with his renewed and remarkable spring 2014 Collection. I personally am a huge fan of fashions that form outside of the ‘normal’ boxy male shape and Coppens definitely interjects that trend. Times are definitely changing and most males in fashion can appreciate menswear that is inventive but yet still wearable. Tim Coppens use of leather is amazing, the mix of color blocking is genius and the skin exposure will definitely have the bois on trend for spring 2013. Get into Tim Coppens Spring 2014 Collection Below.




New York Fashion Week Menswear Pick – Nicholas K

By Melvin Browne

Birthed from the religious practice of ‘Shamanism’, designer duo Nicholas and Christopher Kunz unisex spring 2014 Collection was dead on with its origin. The collections combined neutral colors and airy silhouettes made a surprising statement for spring. With more designers going with fitted silhouettes and body forms, it’s refreshing to see the incorporation of loose fitted styles. This collection gives a lot and I’m almost certain will influence some to lay back and assort their spring looks. Get into the spring 2014 Nicholas K Collection Below.




From the Court to the Runway: Ballers and Fashion

By Ibrahim Malik

Front rows aren’t just reserved for Fashionistas and Editors, but Ballers are front and center at the all the Hottest Shows. Athletes are trading their cleats and jerseys for designer labels. No longer are the days when athletes splurge, million dollar contract just on Fast Cars and even Faster Women (on some Boys too) but invest in Tailored suits and custom kicks. Michael Jordan is a household name not just because of his sick jump shot but his Iconic Shoes. Nowadays athletes like Amare Stoudemire, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and DeWayne Wade are exceeding way beyond just a shoe endorsement. This past New York Fashion week, they towered over in the front rows at shows such as Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Bastian, and others. These fashion houses and designers look at it as a true win-win situation giving an easy mainstream appeal.  Joe Zee, Creative Director of Elle even contributed “In the last few years, fashion shows have become as much a spectator sport as about the fashion, with blinding paparazzi snapping celebs in every front row.”

Lockouts in the NFL and now the NBA, allow ballers more time to divert their attention from the court to fashion. It is been a true emergence of athletes showing of the impeccable physiques in amazing editorials and eye-catching ads. We still won’t forget Kobe Bryant Amish-Inspired 2010 photo shoot in LA Times Magazine. More recently Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Wade have spreads in Vogue Italia and VMan respectively. So if this current lockout doesn’t turn out so hot, they can fall back on Modeling (so LaLa and Gabrielle Union don’t fret). Amare Stoudemire turned his hustle up a notch with his current collaboration with Rachel Roy. “I was never a designer or anything like that, but as far as putting together what I was going to wear, I was a fashion rebel, always mixing it up,” said Stoudemire. The collection itself is meant to be the best of both worlds: Fashion & Sports. Rachel Roy had this to say about their line “What does Gisele wear when she goes to see her man [New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady] play? What would Kate Moss wear? Those images are the inspiration as we’re designing.” It’s a toss-up when the next NBA season will start but the players just might be changing in the locker rooms from shorts to tailored shirts by designers from around the globe.




Jump Into the Fab Lane with Kimora

By Krystle Carmona

She’s big.  She’s loud.  She’s invasive. But most of all she’s fabulous!  And bringing all of that and more to E!  Kimora Lee Simmons’ hit reality show, Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane premiered an all new episode last night and boy was it an hour of pure fabulosity.

Juggling two beautiful mini fashionistas, a fairly new baby and a gorgeous 6 foot something black god, known as Djimon Hounsu, one might think that Lee Simmons may want to take a little hiatus from it all.  But, nope!  Not Kimora.  She’s still ever so present and involved in her Baby Phat empire.

On last night’s episode, Kimora demonstrates what a true entrepreneur is all about as she manages a life bi-coastally, while taking care of home in LA as well as the tedious demands that New York Fashion Week brings back east.

Fashion Week is probably the biggest and most important week in a designer’s career.  It is where they get to show off and show out, debuting collections for big time buyers and big time spenders alike.  And for many designers, it is also one of the most stressful and chaotic weeks of all.  And this was no different for Kimora, but somehow, she manages to make it all work.

As the show quickly approaches, the KLS team buckles down and gets to work as there are just three days left before showtime…BUT, it is also the first day of school for Ming and Aoki.  This episode not only proved what a great businesswoman she is, but it also reconfirmed how fabulous of a mother she truly is.  Clearly her children come first and it’s evident as she tries to balance out her priorities.

While Ming & Aoki get ready for school, Kimora is approving models, hair and makeup via cell phone pics and emails.  Technical difficulties arise and humor enters at its finest.  I’m sure for Kimora it wasn’t that funny, but hey, it sure made us laugh.

Midway through the show, we witnessed the dynamic between Russell and Kimora, which is absolutely wonderful and should be the blueprint for all blended families, might I add.  She enlists one of his ex girlfriends for her show and Russell shows his support.  With a face like her daddy and a personality like her mother, the younger of the two divas, Aoki also keeps us in stitches.  It’s so good to see such a beautiful family (of color) on TV portrayed the right way.

So much is involved in putting together a fashion show (as I’ve witnessed personally working NYFW myself), it’s no joke and for the first time ever Kimora’s show is being live streamed in Times Square on the jumbotron; which brings about even more worries and needless to say, more room for errors.  So, will she pull it off?  You’ll just have to stay tuned to next week’s all new episode of Kimora: Life in the Fab Lane at 10pm on E!

S/S 2011 Menswear Collection Report: Bottega Veneta

By Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Bottega Veneta
Designer: Tomas Maier
Season: Spring Summer 2011


The man who was partly responsible for putting the words “power dressing” on editors’ lips last season, Tomas Maier, has decided to feel a bit relaxed. It’s spring, after all, but luckily for the Bottega Veneta man there will still be plenty of men’s suiting to choose from for spring.

It began with patchwork suits in camel and beige, and double breasted suits in white or cement grey that had an ease and modernity that is addictive. It’s “something you can think about but you can’t get to”, Maier said in reference to fishnet bodysuit last season. Is he proposing it for men this time around? No, It was sophisticated but very youthful, as were the shirts in the same green or brown as the shorts they were paired with, with asymmetrical closures that unbuttoned to the shoulder. Much of the collection was baggy or crumpled, but there were instances of an athletic element, with mesh-like inserts. Indeed, the nylon, cotton, suede and leathers provided a sumptuous diversity, as did the incredibly diverse looks of the models, who were both very young and older. If the womenswear runways are crying out for diversity and less ageism, why can’t the men? Well, the cardigans in the blue or rich red hues that accompanied the baggy pants certainly did suggest being comfortable in one’s skin. Easy, loose fitting suits finished the show and while the show may not have given us great insights into the mind of Maier, it left us thinking on our way to the dressing area. No, we wouldn’t dare!


S/S 2011 Menswear Collection Report: Missoni

By Michael Kowalinski

Collection: Missoni
Designer: Angela Missoni
Season: Spring Summer 2011


It seems it takes someone who cares a great deal or someone who doesn’t care very much and wants ease and comfort and easy clothes, wearing the elongated, loose and hallucination inducing colorful sweaters at Missoni.

A touch of psychedelia is nothing new to Missoni, as the house’s signature zig zag pattern has always suggested a kind of chic and luxe freedom, but it’s clear that Angela Missoni has plans to take the label elsewhere, but where exactly has yet to be decided. That’s okay, as she works out where to take her brand. Oranges, blues, reds, really every color, danced together on plaids, stripes and zig zags on sweater vests, jackets and oversized shirts.

It was the quintessential picture of layering, but really seeing every layer, thanks to Missoni’s eye for detail, which helped every color and pattern stand out on its own. It made us want to be at a Woodstock of the future, hanging out in a tent and being cool and young. With the house of Missoni, there is always a sort of elegant mystery, but Missoni has opened the door a little bit with its offerings for spring. We would love to run in and stay awhile. Oh, and we take our tea with just milk.