Hate Crime in Harlem: Transgendered Woman Dies After Brutal Attack

By Stephfon Guidry

trans24n-5-webClose to 11p.m. Friday night, Islan Nettles and a group of other transgender friends encountered a crew of men on West 148th street and Eighth Avenue across from Police Service Area 6 precinct. Once the men realized Nettles and company were transgender, the men began shouting hateful heterosexist slurs and fighting. Nettles, age 21, endured a savage beating from the disgruntled group of young men. Immediately after the vicious attack, she was rushed to Harlem Hospital receiving care. Tragically, Islan Nettles held on in intensive care for only a short time and was declared brain dead then taken off life support. 20 year old, Paris Wilson was arrested and charged for misdemeanor assault initially in the ongoing investigation.

An Intern for Harlem design house Ay’ Medici, Islan Nettles is gone too soon. Her Linked-In Page left this quote about her aspirations in fashion, “Fashion became a definite decision for my life after my first show with my hand designed garments in high school at the 11th Grade.” Sadly, Nettles in another number and in growing list of Hate Crimes directed at the LGBTQ community in New York. In the wake of the Mark Carson shooting in Greenwich Village and now Islan Nettles bashing the number is up to 68-recorded gay hate attacks. Let us hope that justice will prevail and that tolerance and change come through these tragic events.