TOP Rappers Return to NO.1

By Stephfon Guidry

BmM2p82From Adidas sweat suits with Kangol hats to couture runways and Italian masterpieces, Hip Hop artists are reinventing their image and the content of their lyrics. Jay-Z’s 12th album Magna Carta Holy Grail and Kanye West (@Kanyewest) 6th album Yeezus put the dynamic dynasty back on top with NO.1 debuts. Jay-Z set a new record on Spotify beating Daf Punk with over 14 million album streams. Yeezus brings Kanye West’s rhyme to off beat tunes and tracks with no gimmicky auto tune just a clear sound unlike anything on the radio now.  Jay-Z spoke highly of Yeezus in a Radio interview with BBC1 Zane Lowe, “He’s always been striving for this moment. Just to find the place of expression.” ( MTV news featured Kendrick Lamar weighing in on Yeezus, “as an artist, we all need to take heat into that and salute that because, at the end of the day, it’s so much we can do following radio, following the politics in the business so for somebody to come back again and do what they want, it helps out new cats like myself, Cole, Drake, whoever, so salute.” ( Both rappers are fathers with a mission to transform their art, their music into something that will be talked about for generations to come. With lyrics that literally spur conversation and controversy everywhere both Jay-Z and Kanye West achieve their artistic goal.





From Mogul to Motherhood the Beyoncé Experience

By Stephfon Guidry

Beyoncé is no longer on a countdown she has popped her Love on Top and her (yes her name!) is Blue Ivy Carter. Beyoncé Knowles Carter, Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter-actress-mogul and diva has added yet another hat to the many she already dawns as the EPIC sensations she gave birth to her daughter on January 7, 2012 Saturday night at Lenox Hill Hospital. The Carter couple rented the entire hospital floor for $1.3 million to allow the new age “Bonny and Clyde” to deliver their bundle of love in peace. Beyoncé and Jay-Z are nothing if not clear with their vision and planning of their lives and careers. `

Beyoncé spent months preparing a fourth album, titled “4” (with chart topping hits like “Love on Top” “Party” and “Run the World (Girls)”, prepping for performances, and pregnant in late 2011. She shocked her fans and the media with a glamorous red draped gown at the MTV Music Awards slightly hiding her “baby bump”. Yet it was her bold reveal during her performance that night saying to the crowd she wanted them to feel the “love like the love growing inside of her”. She dropped her mic at the climax of the performance and revealed the baby bump to the world.

The birth announcement and baby name leaked and was confirmed by Gwenneth Paltrow to E! Online via Twitter. Twitter seems to be abuzz because Oprah tweeted Michelle Obama the 1st Lady would be Blue Ivy’s Godmother. This child will definitely live a star-studded life. As the Grammy’s are approaching, Beyoncé is nominated for two—with a current collection of 16 already won—will she perform?

Beyoncé Baby Love with Harper’s Bazaar

By Melvin Browne

This Month’s Issue of BAZAAR features Beyoncé and her Baby Love broadcast. B detailed to BAZAAR Editors about her pregnancy, most recent decisions, and feelings towards the media and her fans. And of course the Queen simply didn’t hold back in her fashion shoot to give us baby bump couture. “It was important to me that I gave myself time to focus on becoming the woman I want to be… before I became a mother.” Editors gave Beyoncé a chance to express her side of the story, from fashion to music to how she balances work and family. Check out the Fabulous Photos Below and be sure to pick up this Month’s Issue of BAZAAR!

Rihanna “Sexiest Woman Alive” Covers Esquire Magazine!

By Melvin Browne

Rihanna gets dirty for this month’s Sexiest Women Alive Issue for Esquire. Crowned “the Sexiest Woman Alive” Rihanna details to Esquire editors about her everyday life and her routine while she’s touring. Here’s what Rih had to say:

ESQ: Does anyone ever recognize you out in the audience?

RIHANNA: Sometimes, but I’m too close for them to freak out. If they touch me, somebody’s going to tackle them. Last time I went out there I threw a bra on stage once.

ESQ: That you were wearing?

RIHANNA: Hell, no. Are you crazy? We found the girl with the biggest ass and a girl with the biggest breasts in the whole tour and we took their panties and their bra to the stage and threw them out there.

Check out the Rihanna’s Photo-shoot below and For Full Interview Visit

No Shows at the Award Show

By Stephfon Guidry

BET Hip Hop Awards entertained, opened ears and made you laugh; it mended a friendship that was long overdue for some forgiveness.  Truly da King of the South is the rubber band man, as T.I. bounced back with flexing (iHope he didn’t FLEX too much in jail) rhymes and his classic swagger the crowd welcomed his return. Atlantic Civic Center opened its doors to urban hip hop legends Heavy D, DMX, Da Brat and more.

First let me dish out all those tweeting #WINNING from their velvet seats last night:  Chris Brown took four awards all for his club banging, douging hit “Look at Me Now”, Lil Wayne scored meager two awards #IdemandAreCOUNT, Nicki Minaj won two as well and Kanye West, Jay-Z, Waka Floka Fame and more. Rap titan himself nominated for a dominating 18 nods receiving only two, Lil Wayne aka Lil Tunchi, gripped the coveted Lyricists of Year and Best Live Performer awards.  Rihanna found the love enough to comment positively on Chris Brown’s night of #WINNING, “It’s incredible to see how he pulled out the way he did. Even when the world seemed like it was against him.”  ( Performances that turned heads and kept the crowd fresh on the beat from the most notable Cyphers: Eminem, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Maybach Music Group, and Chris Breezy himself.   As the heavyweight lover grabbed the mic it took the show back to 1988 hits, beats, and a groove Heavy D a Hip Hop legend rocked the mic right.

“It ain’t a red carpet. It’s a sidewalk, bloody from the wolves eating red meat, and these spotlights don’t come with money — they come with police,” spoke LL Cool J to a rapt audience hanging on every word. LL Cool J challenged the newcomers to the game to use their mic for a message leaving the award show and hip hop with a charge of a new direction GLEE.

BET New Sitcom “Reed Between the Lines”

Following the Hip Hop Awards or Hood Honors premiered the black sitcom “Reed between the Lines”, featuring the talents of Malcolm-Jamal Warner and Tracee Ellis Ross. Daughter of the Diva and the quintessential only son of the most iconic African American family in television history (the Cosby Show, if you don’t know you have lived under a rock for eons!) come together to create their own merging of laughs, love and life lessons on a show all about the black family of today facing its problems together. Reed Between the lines l isn’t an open book or a NY Best seller and it needs some time to grow—yet the actors’ chemistry flows through the screen.  The show provides some comedy, casting that gives young and seasoned black actors a chance; Ross gives a convincing psychologist and Warner plays a professor eloquently.  I predict, Reed between the Lines potentially may tackle everything from maintaining marriage intimacy, raising children, keeping a family together, and life with friends as well as life with family—Ross and Warner just snagged a viewer in me. So tune in to BET on Tuesdays at 10 ET p.m. and catch “Reed Between the Lines”.

Music Video FullV: Beyoncé ‘Countdown’

By Melvin Browne

The Very Preggo Beyoncé is still at it. MTV released her new music video for hit single “Countdown”. She’s clearly proud to show off her pregnancy. The video shows her dancing and rubbing her baby bump. I guess it’s the ‘Countdown’ to the NEW addition to the Knowles Family.  Congrats B!

5 Hot Topics in Television This Week

By Krystle Carmona

Like Barb and the girls, we at  HomoCouture have our own hot topics going on and yes while it’s only Tuesday, so much has already happened this week in the land of  Television…

FIVE:   The Real Housewives of New York star, Bethenny Frankel-Hoppy just welcomed a baby girl, Bryn Hoppy into the world just in time to celebrate Mother’s Day.  With a birthday of Saturday May 8th, Baby Hoppy reportedly weighed in at 4lbs 12 oz.  Bethany, hubby Jason and Baby Bryn are all doing just fine.  We wonder if Jill has phoned in her well wishes yet.  Any who, Congrats Bethany!



FOUR:  Who knew Whitney’s sidekick, Roxy on MTVs The City had such a troubling past?  Well it has been revealed this week, that The City hottie battled drug addiction and a constant journey down the wrong path, getting into car crashes and passing out from prescription drugs and alcohol.  Instead of designer labels and runways, depression and death seemed more likely to cloud her future.  However, thanks to supportive parents, and the drive to overcome her addiction, the 24 year old sought the help she so desperately needed and now seems to finally be on the right track…and what a great track she travels.

THREE: E’s hot reality show, Pretty Wild follows the lives of three wild and crazy sisters and their far from ordinary mom.  The cameras even followed middle daughter, Alexis Neiers throughout her court case, as she faced serious criminal charges in the burglarizing of actor Orlando Bloom’s home.  Well the day has come for Alexis and she was sentenced to 180 days in jail followed by three years’ probation and a two-year suspended prison sentence.  SHEESH! Well all we can do is hope she’ll be more pretty and ehh less wild.

TWO:  Is Snookie’s ex-boyfriend seriously trying to capitalize on her 15 minutes of fame to get his own show? Seriously?  Well Nicole “Snookie”  Polizzi watch your back because, ex Emilio Masella is traveling the world in hopes of finding his new love in the new reality show, Fist Pump For Love and you wouldn’t believe who’s producing this madness?… Spencer Pratt of The Hills! Okay maybe you do believe it, but I mean really Spencer, “how low can you go”?    Clearly this isn’t the most worthy news, but hey, I couldn’t help but dying from laughter at this silliness and figured you too could use a good laugh.

*ONE*: But more importantly, Betty White has got to be the hottest topic of them all!  I mean who doesn’t love this woman? Really!  She is style, she is grace and oh em geee the funniest 88 year old woman in show business and quite possibly, the funniest woman I know.  With over 70 great years in an industry where Hollywood is constantly searching for the next new, hot, young thang, Betty White proves her essence is timeless.  With comedic timing and wit, she is just as vibrant and young as the next.  Notably known from her role as Rose Nylund onThe Golden Girls or to even more recently, White’s role as Grandma Annie appearing alongside Sandra Bullock in The Proposal, she still continues to keep people in tears, literally from all the laughter.

Fans took to the media in massive numbers through various social networking sites prompting an appearance from Betty White on NBC’s Saturday Night Live.  Well, fans all over the world were elated on Saturday May 8, 2010, when one of the funniest women in all of television history took the SNL stage. 

 To say the least, last Saturday’s SNL was a hit!  Not only did White’s skits surpass our expectations, but Jay-Z as the musical guest performer added the icing to the cake.  We love these two and apparently so do you because according to Nielsen,  SNL averaged an 8.8 rating/21 share among the 56 local markets; the show’s biggest numbers since Tina Fey’s classic portrayal of Sarah Palin.

Skits of White’s SNL appearance are already circling the net and talks about the actress are filling up the message boards.  “The Muffin” scene still has people laughing hysterically. Mrs. White, we are very impressed and in so much awe of your work, even Jigga Man himself gave props to where props is due when he dedicated his performance of “Young Forever,” featuring Mr. Hudson to her.  Our spotlight and number 1 hot topic is on Betty White, forever our golden girl.