From Mugshots to Millions: Desmond Bryant signs with Cleveland Browns

By Stephfon Guidry

93aiBbqIan Rapoport (@RapSheet) of tweeted “#Raiders DT Desmond Bryant is going to sign with Cleveland. Best DT on the market.” Desmond Bryant began his hard-hitting career professionally with the Raiders back in 2009 as an undrafted free agent. Desmond Bryant recently signed with Cleveland Browns for a five-year deal of $34 Million and a guaranteed $15 Million. While in February he played a bit too hard in Miami and became the butt of many a joke from his Mugshot. Now that’s a face only a Mother could love. Bryant was charged with a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief, due to his drunken raucous at a neighbor’s residence in Miami. Bryant’s sheer talent out-shined his misbehavior, finishing last season with 36 tackles and four sacks in 16 games. The NFL is now all abuzz about the new deal for Desmond Bryant; Cleveland fans await their new Defensive addition as well as Paul Kruger from the Baltimore Ravens (with his own $40 Million deal).  Who says money can’t buy you talent?

HC Thirst Quencher: Bret Lockett

By Melvin Browne

You might recognize this week’s HC Thirst Quencher from the scandal affair he “supposedly” had with Kim Kardashian this summer. That’s NFL’s New England Patriot Bret Lockett; He is FINE and full of scandal! Alongside his NFL Career, Bret has now branched off into modeling and is trying to launch a music career. This man is dipping his foot all up and through different pools. Bret also supports Gay Marriage in the NOH8 Campaign. I wonder if he’s dipping in our pool… However check out his hot photos and the music video to his new song

HC Thirst Quencher: Devin Thomas

By Melvin Browne

This Weeks HC Thirst Quencher is NFL Giants Wide Receiver Devin Thomas. You may want to hold on to your seat because this man is extremely sexy! You may have seen him on the field, as he has played for numerous teams in his 4 year career. He started with the Washington Redskins, then was claimed off waivers by the Carolina Panthers, and is now settled with the New York Giants. You also may have seen Devin in Fantasia’s Music Video for her hit song “Bittersweet”, where Devin played her sexy love interest. Check out his steamy photos and video below. Enjoy!

From the Court to the Runway: Ballers and Fashion

By Ibrahim Malik

Front rows aren’t just reserved for Fashionistas and Editors, but Ballers are front and center at the all the Hottest Shows. Athletes are trading their cleats and jerseys for designer labels. No longer are the days when athletes splurge, million dollar contract just on Fast Cars and even Faster Women (on some Boys too) but invest in Tailored suits and custom kicks. Michael Jordan is a household name not just because of his sick jump shot but his Iconic Shoes. Nowadays athletes like Amare Stoudemire, LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and DeWayne Wade are exceeding way beyond just a shoe endorsement. This past New York Fashion week, they towered over in the front rows at shows such as Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Bastian, and others. These fashion houses and designers look at it as a true win-win situation giving an easy mainstream appeal.  Joe Zee, Creative Director of Elle even contributed “In the last few years, fashion shows have become as much a spectator sport as about the fashion, with blinding paparazzi snapping celebs in every front row.”

Lockouts in the NFL and now the NBA, allow ballers more time to divert their attention from the court to fashion. It is been a true emergence of athletes showing of the impeccable physiques in amazing editorials and eye-catching ads. We still won’t forget Kobe Bryant Amish-Inspired 2010 photo shoot in LA Times Magazine. More recently Carmelo Anthony and Dwayne Wade have spreads in Vogue Italia and VMan respectively. So if this current lockout doesn’t turn out so hot, they can fall back on Modeling (so LaLa and Gabrielle Union don’t fret). Amare Stoudemire turned his hustle up a notch with his current collaboration with Rachel Roy. “I was never a designer or anything like that, but as far as putting together what I was going to wear, I was a fashion rebel, always mixing it up,” said Stoudemire. The collection itself is meant to be the best of both worlds: Fashion & Sports. Rachel Roy had this to say about their line “What does Gisele wear when she goes to see her man [New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady] play? What would Kate Moss wear? Those images are the inspiration as we’re designing.” It’s a toss-up when the next NBA season will start but the players just might be changing in the locker rooms from shorts to tailored shirts by designers from around the globe.




Mark Sanchez Covers September Issue of GQ!

By Melvin Browne

New York JETS Quarterback Mark Sanchez covered the Fall Fashion Issue of GQ Magazine. Here is an excerpt and photos from the cover story.

GQ Writers asked Jets head coach Rex Ryan if he would consider  benching Mark Sanchez. Yes, Ryan said—he would. “Rex is super honest,” Sanchez  says. “I wish he wasn’t that honest at times, especially to say that.”

Before the next practice, Sanchez was informed that Ryan wanted to give extra  reps to Sanchez’s backup and friend Mark Brunell. Ominous. Sanchez nodded like a  good soldier, but on the practice field, when Brunell walked into the huddle,  Sanchez pushed him away.  Offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer approached.  He repeated that Ryan wanted Brunell to take extra reps. “I was like, ‘He can  come tell me,’ “ Sanchez says. “And [Schottenheimer] is like, ‘Come on, man,  don’t do that.'”

Eventually the crisis passed. Sanchez held his ground, kept his job, and  managed not to alienate his friend. But the episode remains something of a sore  point with Sanchez. In a locker room where everything is a laughing matter,  Sanchez hasn’t yet joked with Ryan about that almost-benching. And he doesn’t  expect to. “I wanted to fight him,” Sanchez says. “I was really mad.” Read More

Sweater, $185, and pants, $895 (for suit) by Boss Black. Belt, $590 by Tom Ford.  Watch, $8,850 by Rolex at Tourneau.