Roger O’s Baby Turns 2! — “Finding Me: Truth” EXCLUSIVE

By Stephfon Guidry

“I love telling an original unique story. It’s not about the money it’s really the journey of creating something,” words of wisdom from director/writer, Roger S. Omeus Jr. I laughed, I cried, and then I laughed until I cried while attending Finding Me: Truth New York Premiere.  Hearing comments like, “Your first movie inspired me to move to America from Belgium,” reveals an audience member sharing out during the Q&A after watching the Finding Me: Truth. The movie brings a sense of progression in character building and growth in the human condition as the homo- hetero- and bi- sexual love, intimacy, and relationships converge in a three-part friendship that is anything but dull. Director/writer, Roger S. Omeus Jr., spoke candidly about the film in an interview saying, “It’s no longer my baby it’s your baby and it’s unique to you.”

Before the movie began, the tribute to Maurice Murrell was so heartfelt and truthful his performance in the movie brought more joy and life to his legacy. Following the love, sex and relationships of Faybian, Greg, and Amera was more than entertaining it was classic.  Roger revealed that his favorite line from the movie came from Amera, “I hope ya dick falls off and goes to rehab!”  NO SPOILERS but the movie brings the lives of the three characters to points of change and transition, each character must “Find their truth”.  Roger Omeus Jr. says, “I had to be true to these characters.”

Casting in the movie was superb, the director/writer, Roger S. Omeus Jr. gave each member of this cast direction that provided a vibrant array of talents and picture perfect artistry. Up-n-coming rapper, Bry’Nt, cast as Omar, a street smart tough hustler with an attitude and sex appeal, had this to say about his experience with the cast, “They embraced me and I fit right in” The audience felt right at home, the theater was so packed it was standing room only in the back. With so many supporters in one room the reactions were bigger the laughs kept coming and some tearful moments worked the crowd over.

Finding Me Truth is sure to be sold out in stores, as it is now available on DVD — for more info check out Faybian must find the truth within him to truly be himself, Greg must find the truth in-between lust and love, while Amera must realize that sometimes the truth is not something you search for but in fact something you have to patiently accept as what’s right in front of you. When asked what advice would he give to future artisans Roger detailed, “You have to be passionate about it”. It’s not easy and once you figure out your passion nurture it. Remember you need tenacity and perseverance.”